Your Product Requirements Are Our Highest Requirements

- Dec 24, 2018-

Your product requirements are our highest requirements!


We have always been adhering to this belief to serve our customers! According to the customer's needs, we have created the OM3P system. Our OM3P system starts from the customer's order, accurately extracts the customer's product requirements, and then arranges it into a production workshop under precise instructions. The workshop strictly follows the instructions for processing and production tasks. When the post is delivered to the person, each step is executed, and the person in charge of the post is signed. After the finished product is produced, the two people are grouped together. The three groups are strictly tested for specifications and quality, and then the signing party can enter the packaging stage and package. 


From the size of the goods, the form of the inner and outer packaging, whether the code is correct, whether the accessories are matched, etc. After the comprehensive inspection, the quality of the cover can be shipped. After leaving the factory, we will accurately transport the goods to the customer country through the professional freight forwarding company to successfully complete the customs clearance and reach the customers, because we have 12 years of export experience. After the goods are received, our after-sales service can be completed with our Ali credit protection system, because we are Ali's gold supplier for 12 years. The storage of goods, we have activated our moisture-proof system, such as adding bubble film, or drying Agent or moisture-proof packaging. Therefore, the customer's product requirements are our highest requirements.