Why Do Metal Screens Use Metal Paint

- Nov 28, 2017-

1, metal paint than ordinary paint has a better appearance of decorative and acid-resistant. With the metal paint, it reduces the metal mesh curtain paint, paint trouble and cost. Therefore, the cost of metal paint is also higher than ordinary paint. The use of ordinary paint is mainly in white, black, large red and yellow cars. The use of metal paint, is in the colors of the "plain paint" added silver powder, their color will be changed to achieve a better effect.

2, because metal paint mixed with metal powder, not only can be painted after the surface of the sheet to look more shiny, and in different angles, due to the refraction of light, will make the metal screen color, and even the periphery will change, so that the overall appearance of the metal screen look richer and more interesting, this is why "metal paint" One of the more common truths.

3, it is mixed with metal powder, with the metal composition, so the hardness of the lacquer, paint surface hardened, it is not easy to scratch, it is a great gospel, with the "Metal paint", to reduce the number of metal screens to paint, paint the worry and cost.