Use Of Bead

- Nov 28, 2017-


Bead can replace the wall and glass, become indoor light, breathable soft partition, effectively expand space. Restaurant and living room space division or porch can use this seems to have no partition, not only to divide the area, do not affect the lighting, more can reflect the beautiful.

As a partition, bead color and style should be in harmony with the color of the bedroom. For example, the warm romantic style is suitable for pink, purple, the style can use crystal bead, refreshing minimalist style suitable for the cool crystal bead, to blue, white, tan advisable, fashionable sense strong pattern is suitable with the red, green, the smoky color and so on bright vivid brightly colored bead collocation, But the European and American classical style of course still use all transparent crystal most remarkable nobility.

Background wall

TV background, sofa background, bedside background, wall design can use bead. This makes the metope more warm and nimble, the vision is more open bright, the space's longitudinal feeling is also stronger. At the top of the bead in conjunction with the use of some spotlights, when the light source hit the bead body can reflect a lot of beautiful light.