Use And Application Of Metal Ring Net

- Nov 28, 2017-

Metal ring network with environmental protection, flame-retardant metal decorative material characteristics, can be applied ceiling ceiling, partition, background decoration and so on. With convenient installation, simple structure, with the simplest combination of space to express three-dimensional, assembled the effect of more personality.

Metal ring network can be used in large-scale partition or front decoration, can also be a small area of local decorating. Its natural metal color with the light of different changes and lighting produced by the reflection, through the metal Ring network, the formation of a separate and continuous overall space, giving a visual sense of openness.

For the curtain, ceiling, staircase, elevator, luxurious living room, senior office building, hotel, luxurious ballroom, business hall and other buildings indoor and outdoor decoration, the lights reflect the magnificent, elegant and exquisite.

Metal Ring Network has a good tensile load-bearing capacity, beautiful and luxurious decorative effect