The Company Organized A One-day Trip To Baiyangdian

- Sep 04, 2018-



     Baiyangdian lake is the largest lake in China's haihe plain, located in central hebei province. It is formed in fan margin depression at the intersection of yongding river and hutuo river alluvial fan in front of taihang mountain. It receives rivers such as puhe, tang river, caohe river and schelong river from the north, west and south.The average storage capacity is 1.32 billion cubic meters.Currently, there are 143 lake berths in size, among which baiyangdian is bigger, which is called baiyangdian.During the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, the story of the floating guerrilla force, the national wing of the story.In 1982 it dried up, and in 1988 heavy rain restored the baiyangdian lake district as a tourist attraction.On May 8, 2007, baoding anxin baiyangdian scenic spot was officially approved as a national 5A tourist attraction by the national tourism administration.


Main boby

    Every year from may to August, when the lotus of baiyangdian blooms, we rush to see the beauty of the lotus of baiyangdian before it Withers.

     Seven of us entered the river by boat, and our guide was telling us where the river had come from. During the Anti-Japanese War, the geese won by taking reed sugar.On the way to the island, reeds were everywhere, waving in the wind and blowing in the wind as if to welcome us.

     There are three islands, leisure island, yuanyang island and treasure island. First, we arrived at leisure island and entered leisure island. What we can see are lotus flowers full of pond.

     The leisure island has been visited in the morning. There are so many beautiful sceneries and so many sightseeing activities that make people linger over.After visiting leisure island, we set off by boat to yuanyang island to watch the performance, and watched a shocking acrobatic performance performed by foreign friends, a real scene drama of the wild goose feather team, both of which were shocking and made us indulge in them.

     One day's visit came to the end, everyone was immersed in it, the company organized this baiyangdian implementation, let us more united together, work together, work together, and create a good performance