Metal Mesh Drapery

- Dec 27, 2017-

Recently, we have made an decorative aluminum mesh curtain, a hotel project in Thailand which has been used as the hall window curtain screen. It is new style, eco-friendly and beautiful decoration. Except for the feature of no fade, no rust, no lead or nickel and unique metallic luster, the aluminum metal mesh curtain also be with the wave effect looks soft like the traditional cloth curtain. What’s more, its semitransparent feature make client will not miss the spectacular natural scenery out of the window. The client can watch the sunrise and sunset through the aluminum mesh window curtain, with the hazy beauty.

With above features, the metal mesh curtain have been the new trend of the choice of many hotels, restaurants, bar, salon or office building.

Looking forward to your inquiry and contact.  Our objective is to beautify the world.