Metal Decorative Network In The Process Of Decoration Use To Pay Attention To Which Areas

- Nov 28, 2017-

Metal Decorative Mesh Panel installation: From the top of each wall to the top of the first row of the top block plate beginning, bottom-up device. The second row of the top row of the wall was installed. After each installation 10 row wall Board, should hanging check once, in order to eliminate the mistake in time. In order to ensure the appearance of the wall surface quality, the bolt azimuth is necessary and accurate, and select one-sided construction hook-shaped bolts fixed, so that the direction of the bolt horizontal vertical. Fixed metal panel method, commonly used in two main. First, the plank or the square plate screws to the steel or wood frame, this method durability is good, many uses in the external wall. The other is to board the plank on a special keel, which is used in the interior.

The gap between the plate and the board is usually 10~20mm, and the elastic data of the rubber strip or the sealing arrow are disposed of more. When the finishing panel device is finished, be careful to cover the maintenance with plastic film in the easily contaminated area. Easy to be zoned, touching the site, should be set up safety railings maintenance.