Metal Chain Curtain Beautify Your World

- Jan 04, 2018-

Recently, one of our client in Vietnam just complete their project about aluminum link chain curtain in their hotel. The aluminum link chain curtains were made into an mandap above the tables and chairs. Because of the unique metallic luster and matched colored lights,the aluminum link chain curtain mandap creating an dreamy and comfortable atmosphere. When the customers sitting on the chair and drinking a cup of coffee,They can at the same time, enjoying the beautiful curtain and dreaming feeling and keeping an good mood. At last they will have a good impression of the hotel and many other customers will be abstracted.


The aluminum link chain curtain has many different colors which can matched with many different occasions, such as shopping mall, hotel hall,restaurant, bar, club,office,meeting room or air port rest area. If you let the beautiful and metallic aluminum link chain curtain as the decoration in your place,it will be a very nice choice for the features of not rust,not fade and eco-friendly.


If you are also interested in the aluminum link chain curtain,pls contact or wahtsapp:+8613513414232