Metal Ball Chain Curtain

- Jun 18, 2019-

These floor to ceiling metal ball chain curtains retain a bit of that same retro vibe from Clouseau's place but have more of an architectural feel. It is available in different styles (faceted, round, bar ball, round ball) and finishes (nickel plated, brass plated, aluminum, yellow brass, gun metal, powder coated colors) so it is fairly customizable.

The site is geared toward retail, restaurant and trade show applications but we can imagine this moving into a more residential environment pretty easily.

Product characteristics

1. A good drooping.

2. Degrees of transparency and flexibility, versatility, unique style, various colors, design, size and durability

3. It has many styles, the main patterns are round, length form , pumpkin form , etc . The main colors are bronze , red antique copper , golden , black , multicolor .

4. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.19