For the better growth of the team, collective learning, efforts to prepare for the new maojie in September.

- Aug 29, 2018-



    On August 24, a sunny day, we came to the headquarters of the xiulan hotel and learned about alibaba.In order to welcome the upcoming new trade festival in September, twice a year the big international ali supplier gala.We were no exception, my friends and I arrived early in the conference room.Only the big screen plays the successful domestic and foreign enterprises that do on ali platform.


      We found our seat to take a seat.There is a surge of excitement in our hearts, and we are also looking forward to a day in the future when we will appear on the screen at the moment.


    With the explanation of the announcer in microphone, in a burst of warm applause welcomed ali international operation chief of the hour, a very clever southern beauty.After listening to her brief self-introduction, she went on to describe the trend of ali international operation, from B end to C end, from high price to low price, video publicity, filter out explosive and encourage explosive.And they are getting through the supplier logistics credit protection and so on.After that, I explained the rules of product release and began to make specifications.Commodity should achieve real and vivid reasonable price and so on.


Her explanation was so simple and profound that we listeners caught the pulse of The Times. We all rolled up our sleeves and could not wait for the end of the meeting.It just feels like we're so lucky to be in the tide.Finally caught the tail of The Times and boarded the tail car of The Times.

     We are appreciated for  the Great times, let us being always on the way of the learning.