Classification Of Metal Cloth

- Nov 28, 2017-

The main styles are flat, round beads, plum and diamond shapes.

Mesh size according to its diameter, usually has 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, etc.

The surface of metal cloth can be treated by oxidation coloring, spray painting, electroplating, sanding and screen printing to form different visual effects. can also be attached to the screen behind a layer of hot melt adhesive film, called the plastic aluminum mesh.

The metal cloth uses the domestic universal Ming long metal decoration net material, high-quality aluminum alloy materials by special electroplating process, with a metal-specific flexibility, and light color rich, the metal network can be customized according to the different needs of customers different specifications size, installation convenient, metal cloth used for interior decoration and window display, The texture of its flexibility and exquisite craftsmanship with the combination of elegant taste, foil the inside of the furnishings also do not have charm, create a generous and noble design effect.

Widely used as hotels, cafes, guesthouses and other screen partition ceiling, etc., can also be used for window decoration, has a good decorative effect, is the latest fashion elements.