Christmas Coming

- Dec 23, 2017-


Before this Christmas Day a winter storm system has wreaked havoc in southern and central areas of the United States spawning more than 30 tornados as well as the blizzards and snow storms. Thousands of people have lost their electricity supply and hundreds of flights have been cancelled. Six people are reported to have been killed in traffic accidents and by falling trees.

The storm system is huge. Blizzard and wintery weather warnings now stretch from the Deep South through Ohio and Middle West and all the way up to main in New England. Meanwhile severe thunderstorms are expected in Virginia, the Carolinas and Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people's electricity have been knocked out, and roads become treacherous. In the deep south, the weather has been extreme. Thirty-four tornados are reported to have struck four of its states. All the capital of Arkansas, Little Rock had its first snow on Christmas day for 86 years.

Hereby, We, Anguo City Sorter World Netting, wish they still will have a happy Christmas Day!