Bead Material Introduction

- Nov 28, 2017-

Artificial crystal Beads

More heavy, hardness, high-grade, is the production of bead one of the main raw materials, light transmittance and refraction of all good, and long life. Its disadvantage is that the color and the shape of the pearl slightly less than acrylic, relatively high prices. Most for high-end hotels, KTV and other entertainment clubs.

Do the curtain will generally choose the full series, often leave will not be wound, interval wear more suitable for partition and window. China Crystal Glass Capital---Zhejiang Pujiang, 99% crystal glass products are produced from here.

Import craft A grade Acrylic

Acrylic luster Good, high transparency, color rich, colorful, variety, there is "plastic in the Queen," said, is now the most widely used in the market

Pan of material. Its shortcoming is because is the plastic material, the weight light hardness is small, therefore the abrasion resistance is weaker, the sunlight exposure will drop the color, the long time collision will have the small scratch fine lines, affects the refraction effect, therefore the life span is shorter than the crystal bead. In addition, due to different temperatures around, some beads will appear cracks, but will not affect refraction and brightness, pure belongs to normal phenomenon. Therefore, acrylic bead is more suitable for partition and curtain, not suitable for hanging in the sun more places.