- Nov 28, 2017-

Bead is the function of decoration and occlusion outside the room or house.

Variety, Variety

There are many kinds of beads, sugar beads, earth beads, football beads, flat beads, Fang Zhu, modelling beads, sliced beads, love beads, snowflake beads, octagonal beads and so on. These beads are strung together into a beautiful bead.

Colorful and diverse bead style design is good with everyone, should pay attention to the home decoration style harmony

Determine their own home tonal base and decoration style, such as avantgarde type, fashion type, simple Type, ancient classic, warm type and so on, so as to choose the appropriate style of bead to match.

At the same time, the size of the bead must also take into account the problem of materials, if you want to do the Xuan Guan bead, Generally required to do 1.8 meters to 2 meters, this length to try not to choose the bead too big too heavy style, that will increase the weight of each bead chain, bead easy to break off, and in need of frequent access to the bead to try to design a shorter, you can choose some beautiful color pendant, so both beautiful and practical, because often in and out, always to toggle bead, both troublesome, and easy to pull off the bead chain, suggest as far as possible Designed for the half curtain or no pendant hem uneven style.