the hotel metal ball or bead or bar chain current status in china

- Apr 06, 2018-

the hotel metal ball or bead or bar chain  current status in china

At present , in April, the hotel metal ball or bar or bead chain in china is very sold well, while its production is not reached to the sell.  

there are 2 reasons for the above result.

a, it is influnenced  by  the last chinese spring new year. it will  influnenced for 3 month, since December  in 2017 to the 2018 March. many orders are stacked up   together.  

b,it is influenced  by the current chinese workers. especially ,the direction younger  workers is floated to the net field mostly. in addition , other part is not willing to work depending on their parents.

while the older or adult workers is to the traditional industry field.

above the two reasons, the clients needs to pay attention to cooperate with the best service factory , it is very important for you.

hope it is helpful for you to choose your parter.

while we are known about  the trend,  so we are enough for 4mm silver metal ball chain and 8mm silver metal ball chain and 12mm metal ball chain.

welcome to our factory, we are your sun !

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