How to choose the hotel or project curtains?

- Mar 14, 2018-

How to chose the hotel or project curtains?

At present , there are a lot of kinds of curtains in the market.

How to chose the suitable  hotel or project curtains? it is very important for our client.

firstly,  which style do you like?

for there are two kinds of curtains . one is fabric curtain, the other is metal curtain. 

one is traditional , the other is fashionable and modern.

secondly, which style is the hotel belonged to ?

such as, the hotel is more modern. you can chose the metal curtain , that is ok. for the metal curtain is in unique texture.

third, if your style is contracted with the hotel style, you should be suitable for the hotel style.

fourth, if your style matches the hotel style, but your budget is not enough. you can let the supplier supply you with the different design, if not succeed, you can do as your  budget. that is ok.

hope  these ideas helpful for you  designers or owners.

here is the project picture, pls image which one is it? if your answer right, we can quote you at the next time discount 10% at the price. hope you take part in it.