how to choose the ctystal beaded curtain

- Jun 11, 2018-

1.Beads material:  acrylic 

2.Bead shape: round beads or cut surface beads - recommended cut surface beads, reflective refraction effect is good

3.The size of the beads: 12mm-30 mm, general models, mostly concentrated in the 14mm-20 mm, refers to the diameter of the beads

4.The color of the beads: generally clear and transparent mostly, the most expensive red color, followed by black, followed by pink and purple, green, blue, brown, golden yellow minimum

5.The quality of beads: colorless, transparent, no impurities is the best.

6.Pendants: The price of pendants is generally more expensive than that of beads, and it must be calculated separately. There are different shapes such as cut surface, water droplets, maple leaves, etc. Generally, there is no need for pendants to fall from the ground, and the suspension can be considered.