Double curtain anodizing technology advantage

- Dec 23, 2017-

Aluminum chain curtains finish uses anodizing technology.anodizing has following advantages.

aluminum chain curtain1.jpg

1.Enhanced corrosion resistance of aluminum products

Anodized aluminum products can be obtained on the surface of an oxide film, the chemical nature of this layer of oxide film is very stable, with strong corrosion resistance. For example,anodized aluminum products in the chromic acid solution,dense oxide film formed on the surface,good corrosion resistance,this is very appropriate for rivets and welding parts. Anodized aluminum products in the sulfuric acid solution, higher thickness of the oxide film formed on the surface,adsorption stronger.

2.Improve the suction force of the aluminum pigment

Anodized aluminum products after chemical or electro-polish, a high level of transparency will be an oxide film formed on the surface,and it also has a layer of porous oxide film, has a good adsorption capacity.It can effectively absorb a variety of organic or inorganic dyes.So anodized aluminum products can have a variety of bright colors, moreover,this layer of color film can also play a very good anti-corrosion effect.

3.Enhance the wear resistance of aluminum products

Anodized oxide film is formed not only anti-corrosion, and very dense. Through the aluminum and aluminum alloy hard anodizing, the aluminum products can get a large thickness, high hardness, low roughness of a layer of aluminum oxide layer on the surface.This layer of oxide films greatly enhance the wear resistance of aluminum products