Curtain Fabric Performance Requirements

- Nov 28, 2017-

(1) Fire Protection standard: gb/t5455-1997

(2) Fire protection grade: Reach gb/t5455-1977 standard M1, B1 level.

(3) The content of harmful substances in fabrics to Fu Yi gb1840-2003 National Textile Products Basic safety technical specifications.

(4) Environmental standards: gb50325-2001. The content of the chemical composition in the fabric shall not exceed the relevant standards and specifications promulgated by the State.

(5) Effect, performance: wrinkle, do not fade, the sun color fastness to 5-6 levels, vertical feeling good, no odor.

(6) Process: anti-fouling, mold-proof, grease-proof, stain-resistant, easy to clean, not easy to hide dirt, soft colors, deformation treatment, anti-static finishing.

(7) Formaldehyde content: the implementation of national standards E1 emission standards, PVC-coated polyester fiber for raw materials carefully woven products, never containing glass fiber components.