Crystal bead curtain maintenance

- Sep 20, 2018-

               Crystal bead curtain maintenance

Do not hang crystal curtains in the harsh environment such as attic or cellar, and avoid strong sunlight, otherwise it will easily change color and affect color and appearance. In your daily life, keep your hands clean before touching the crystal curtains. Do not touch the curtains with grease and dirt. It is easy to leave stains and damage the appearance of the crystal curtains. Try to keep the crystal curtains in contact with water or corrosive liquids, especially in the summer, and avoid keeping the crystal curtains in a damp environment. Keep the crystals dry and there will be no unsightly "spots".


Because the nature of crystal is relatively brittle, usually pay attention to prevent heavy pressure, prevent falling and high temperature, do not touch hard objects to avoid being scratched. When you pull the curtains, you should be careful about the size. Do not pull the curtains hard, it will easily cause the crystal series on the curtain to break. Do not use commercially available jewelry cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners when cleaning artificial crystals on crystal curtains to avoid fading and oxidation.