Crystal bead curtain classification

- Sep 19, 2018-

Crystal bead curtain classification

      One is a bead curtain that is plated with a common plastic core. These bead curtains are generally made by machine and connected by twine. The material is light and inexpensive, and the color is intensely flickering (mainly bright red, gold and silver). It is more suitable for fashionable homes or entertainment venues, which can create a modern and fashionable feeling. The lack of brightness in the US is only about one year.


    The second is the acrylic (crystal) bead curtain. Acrylic (crystal) is known as methyl methacrylate. It is characterized by good transparency, rich cut surface, like crystal, and has the reputation of "plastic queen". Pay attention to the grade when selecting acrylic materials. The best is grade A. The grades B and C are generally not recommended. A material is bright and clear, and the cut is beautiful. B, C material base color yellowish blue or even black (clear beads are most obvious), even more so the beads are turbid and rough, seriously affecting the appearance. There are certain gaps in price between the three grades of materials.

But don't take the standard of true crystal to measure acrylic. Although the simulation of A-grade acrylic is relatively high, it still has a certain distance from the real crystal. From a cost perspective, acrylic can't be as crystal-like. ,


   The third is the crystal glass material, the price is slightly higher than the one on the first, the color is also slightly less, but the material used is healthy and environmentally friendly, and the effect of the natural crystal is the most realistic, and the beads are transparent and the refractive index is good, as a family or merchant decoration. , crystal glass is not aging. Long-term illumination does not fade, it is the most cost-effective soft home decoration products. The crystal glass bead curtain is practical, durable and beautiful, and is the first choice for home decoration.