Auxiliary parts for curtains-Aluminium profiles

- Nov 28, 2017-

(1) Fluorocarbon spray coating on the surface of aluminum material and oxidation treatment on the surface of aluminum material.

(2) Selection of domestic high-quality high-precision aluminum to meet the new GB5237-2000 standards.

(3) the main mechanical properties of profiles: 6063-T5 (LD31-RCS) profiles of the mechanical properties

A. Roll 琯: wall thickness> 1.0 mm, diameter 38 mm.

B. The whole organization has no noise during operation.

C. compact structure, concise, easy to install. Various mounting accessories for the gold material. Component materials implementation of standards: GB5237.2-2000

D. Falling rod using paint 2.5 ㎝ flat aluminum 郃 gold bar, to ensure that the fabric is flat when it is unwound.