100% Anodized Aluminum Chain Fly Link Curtain Screen

- May 17, 2018-

Aluminum can be used to divide some private space for people in the restaurant and residences.

Aluminum chain curtains can be used as fly screen to prevent flies, mosquitoes and other insects from entering the rooms.

Aluminum chain curtains can be used for wall decoration  in the shopping malls, exhibition halls and other places.

Aluminum chain curtains can be used as ceiling decorations and lamp decorations, so that it can add the fashionable and modern elements for the places.

Different colors of aluminum curtains can be formed into various designs so that it can suit more design.


14.partition wall.jpg


Material: aluminum.

Surface treatment: anodized.

Colors: silver, black, green, blue, red, purple, golden, bronze and other colors can be customized.

Wire diameter: 1.6 mm, 2.0 mm or at your requests.

Hook width: 9 mm or 12 mm.

Hook length: 17 mm, 24 mm, etc.

Curtain size: 0.8 m × 2 m, 0.9 m × 1.8 m, 0.9 m × 2 m, 1 m × 2 m, 1 m × 2.1 m and so on.

Note: Special specifications are also available according to your requirements.